Forever Young is a late 90s and early 2000s themed dance party at the VFW in Uptown Minneapolis. This November we are celebrating our birthday! Forever Young is turning one! Come celebrate our first year TONIGHT!

The Forever Young Crew play music from you forgot you loved to dance to. Music like Missy Elliot, Outkast, Britney Spears, Salt’n’Pepa, Backstreet Boys, Blink 182, Destiny’s Child, Nelly…

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You are only young once, but memories are forever. Remember when you ran a comb through your hair, wet with saliva for your school photo and then waited all year to see you and your friends in a leather bound book? Now you can experience both at once. Get your portrait taken and sign your photos from the past Forever Young parties.

Tonight will be the last dance party in the basement of the VFW. Forever Young has outgrown the steamy, sweaty basement and will be moving to a bigger venue. On May 25, Forever Young will be at the First Avenue Main Room for Prom. Don’t miss final basement party!

Dance to the music you forgot you loved to dance to. Music like Ginuwine, Outkast, Daft Punk, Ashanti, Justin Timberlake, Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg, Aaliyah, Blink 182…

Matching footie pajamas

Even bananas wear pajamas

Remember when you had sleepovers and made pillow forts with the couch cushions? Remember making paper fortune tellers and playing MASH? Remember staying up all night, eating pizza and gossiping about your crushes? 

Instead of dancing in your pajamas to the Top 40 station, you can dance in your pajamas to the music you forgot you loved to dance to tomorrow night at the Forever Young Slumber Party in the basement of the VFW near Lyndale and Lake.

MC Snakebite + Cloud, Ander Other, and Radio K’s Eight Grade Dance will play the tunes from the late 90’s and early 00’s to make your bootie shake. 

Plus, what’s a slumber party without a makeover? Forever Young has FREE makeovers from Caitlin and Heath of Haus Salon

RSVP HERE before 3PM on Saturday for $5 cover ($7 at the door).

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The Original Girl Talk

Full house slumber party

Dream Phone

NSYnc in PJs

Jumping on the bed